On Friday September 4th, it took place at MARCO, Vigo Museum, the second edition of the Runway Galicia. This initiative starts as a personal motivation and support as a platform for young designers in this country. The starting point of each edition is your gateway presentation; which, this year, on Friday, September 4 was held at the Museum MARCO Vigo.
But Runway Galicia is not only a presentation with the public but also a platform through which young people participating designers, have one year of:
• Free advice to make your mark.
• Information about contests.
• Support for the realization of personal parades.
• Meeting with fashion designers and jewelry, etc …
This project aims to provide professional support and is free to young designers who are just starting.
The spirit of Runway Galicia, popularly, could be defined as “to be his guardian angel.”
The first edition of Runway Galicia was aimed at young fashion designers but due to requests from different sectors this second edition decided to extend its support to young designers of jewelry; thus becoming the first gateway, in Spain, in a space set to offer both modes.
Support and reinforce the creativity of young fashion designers and jewelry, so, through the gateway, they are encouraged to submit their proposals with total freedom “as the feel.”
The purpose of the gateway is to create a support base and release, for the young participants, while relaunch and strengthen the brand “Made in Spain”.
They also want to present the different styles that can have young designers (both in fashion and jewelry).
In addition, each edition of the gateway will RunwayGalicia sponsorship and experience of a national designer ready-to-wear.
This edition took place on Friday September 4, 2015 in the museum MARCO Vigo (Pontevedra), with the institutional support of the City of Vigo.
Text: Vane Fashion http://www.facebook.com/vanefashionvigo
Photo: Ruth Terleiro
The first designer to present his collection was Manuel Pampillón.



IMG_8257IMG_8262cIMG_8277bIMG_8278IMG_8285IMG_8288IMG_8296IMG_8300IMG_8303IMG_8304IMG_8305IMG_8309IMG_8315IMG_8316IMG_8323IMG_8325IMG_8328IMG_8334IMG_8335IMG_8342IMG_8347IMG_8348IMG_8353IMG_8358IMG_8371IMG_8377IMG_8378IMG_8396IMG_8404IMG_8414IMG_8420IMG_8427IMG_8440IMG_8447IMG_8452IMG_8455IMG_8463IMG_8470IMG_8473IMG_8479IMG_8484IMG_8503IMG_8511IMG_8513IMG_8522IMG_8527IMG_8533IMG_8536IMG_8537IMG_8540IMG_8547IMG_8548IMG_8555IMG_8557IMG_8582IMG_8593IMG_8596IMG_8602IMG_8603IMG_8610IMG_8611IMG_8619IMG_8625IMG_8631IMG_8637IMG_8647IMG_8655And after this latest collection, it is the turn of jewelry design, by Isabel Dominguez, Xio Joyas de Autor, Alex Joya, Xoiart, Liquen, Naira Vimcolo and Darkvid.


IMG_8673IMG_8674IMG_8681IMG_8694IMG_8704IMG_8718IMG_8734IMG_8737IMG_8738IMG_8745IMG_8752IMG_8765IMG_8772And as the finale of this great event dedicated to the Galician fashion, the collection of the godfather of this second edition. Roberto Verino.



Umbrella Skirts by Fenosita

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new point of sale (the bizarre) of Fenosita, we made this little session of his summer capsule collection of skirts & umbrella with our always beautiful Kelly Salgado, model terrain where they exist. Skirts & Fenosita umbrella are fun, dynamic, very comfortable and cool clothes. They have been made by hand, from umbrellas and parasols on the premise extend the life of objects.
This collection, unique, unrepeatable and handcrafted pieces are inspired by the freshness and joy of life. Recycling, fun and timeless elegance come together in the same garment saves you a night as a wedding rociera is that the joy that transmit these garments is contagious.

fenosita logoIMG_7744IMG_7795IMG_7813IMG_7853IMG_7860

Kelly Baby Doll to Mambo Magazine

Feature with Salgado Veiga Kelly (Kelly Baby Doll) to Mambo Magazine Glad to share with you our latest publication this month of March, this time for Mambo magazine specifically for Beym, specializing in fashion and portrait. With a report from Kelly Baby Doll, most tattooed and camaleonica our model in a collection of various very intimate sessions conducted throughout our careers in common, which shows its lush beauty and the ink that runs through your body. You can see the pictures by clicking on the link that accompanies this post. A pleasure to work with Kelly forever and a million thanks to Jose Alemany and the whole team of Mambo magazine for this opportunity.

Thank you very much to all !!



Brides of Franco Quintáns

Saturday 20 September  I had the pleasure to make these photographs, although improvised, I really like the result. Leveraging the end of the parade of excellent Galician designer Franco Quintáns, recently awarded the Golden Thimble and how wonderful the ceded by Sinergia environment, perform this quick session. Thank models (Isa Müller, Maria Folgueira, Sandra Fernandez, Lara and Kelly Salgado) your patience. And congratulate the technical team comprising; Make up: Eva Maria Aldao, hairdresser: Kbellos Estilistas, assistant: Ana Miguens Verpacrear, organization: Irene Garrido.
A big hug to everyone´s !!


  • Sinergia 317b2Sinergia 3842Sinergia 412Sinergia 426Sinergia 452Sinergia 468Sinergia 490 Sinergia 485Sinergia 510Sinergia 532  Sinergia 538Sinergia 551Sinergia 565


On Friday August 29 took place at the headquarters  BBVA of Vigo, the first ediciónn gateway Galicia Runway 2014.
In this new initiative for designers, attended by representatives of firms in Galicia, models, bloggers, photographers and press could see the new proposals of the eight designers who inaugurated the event.
Galicia Runway 2014 is a new organized and promoted by Isa Müller, model and Vanessa Lamas, blogger, thus creating a new platform support and launch young designers Galician initiative.
The participating designers in this edition were Estefanía Carrera with its unique style and rock
inspiration, fashion specialist Pret a Porter and creating hand painted shirts. Guillermo Padro creator Enzo Di Pietro signature style urban and unisex. Ana Simon “Simoneta”, presented his beautiful creations burgundy silk, champange and gold, adorning the head of his models with beautiful floral wreaths. Manuel Pampillón style British and Pin Factory which was a finalist at the 11th edition of
the New Designers Contest Getxo. Jacobs de la Iglesia modern and daring, which presented a collection that focuses on the contrasts daring to mix the patent leather with fabrics like lace long tradition of Camariñas. Maria Fente a conservative and classic style, with Tania Alonso and Andrea Lage, schoolgirls fashion Vigo presenting their designs in this edition.
The sponsor and manager completing this First Edition Runway Galicia, has been the great Roberto Verino.
A big hug to allRGfotos 036fotos 305fotos 302436546fotos 307fotos299fotos 3897h7b6786i7868607fotos298fotos 3897987697567407fotos286fotos 305e45byrb57rfve5sd5h787567v56u4vy5387868676tb66c4y53yi7656fotos283fotos 39878567ghghvyrtyfy07fotos264fotos 3056b7r67rv7546v4754745677fotos 305e45byrb57rfve5sd5h7fotos 305e45byrb57rfve5sd5h7gyjbytrv54efotos290fotos 305e45byrb57rfve5s896875674563563dted4d5h7fotos288fotos 305e45byrb57rfve8786875685sd5h7fotos 312fotos 305e45byrb57rfv097on986b78v56745364e5sd5h7fotos 305e45byrb57rfve5sd786b7675h7fotos 305e45byrb5y754765756834537rfve5sd5h7fotos 326

Jaime Cullum visit Vigo with “Momenttum”

On Friday August 8, artist Jamie Cullum performed in the open air auditorium Castrelos; the most successful jazz singer in the UK, born in Romford, Essex (England), has sold over ten million albums worldwide. His skill at the piano and look at jazz (understood, but for all audiences), are allied to a powerful business promotion by the label Universal Classics and Jazz (said to be the record invested one million pounds in its lustrous enfant Terrible jazzie). After the release of his album “Momentum” the artist embarked on a world tour now brings Vigo concerts always sorpenden. And I’ve had the honor of being accredited to cover this concert this great figure of contemporary jaz. Jaime Cullum came to present their latest album, not forgetting a fifteen year career. His show, punctual, began to beat percussion “The same things” to develop a cocktail of jazz, pop and torch songs, also ballads sugary, which governed by a sense of strong pace, turned Castrelos in a stylish track and ” vintage “without fear of rain. Special mention his ability to improvise, not tied to a setlist and let go, even versioning issues of The Beatles (“Blackbird”). A strong and virtuoso quartet seconded him perfectly .. Their concerts are like a box of surprises; never have a closed list of songs and anytime you can make percussion with piano and singing band or uploaded to it. And so it was. He began playing percussion night to continue singing and finish barefoot on the piano. There was no lack the known numbers as the beer ad spot San Miguel Citizens of a place called world or Save your Soul one of his last trabajos.Vivaz continually asking from the start of the concert accompany him with palms, moving nonstop, getting on the piano, banging drums furiously, Jaime achieved without much effort getting the public of the links the city (which despite the rain were legion) in his pocket. And this genius never disappoints.

Laura Gonzalez, a Soartp Magazine Art model

Since today my dear Laura Gonzalez has become part as model proposed future work by artists, photographers, painters, sculptors and stage directors, which is why we show in this work section made by models Soartp Magazine Art. “Soartp Magazine Art  thanks for giving me this great opportunity.
And as always thank you very much to Ruth Terleiro and Carlota Cogollado for their fantastic work as a photographer and make up respectively !!
Contentísimaa! “Laura told this new professional opportunity.
From here my greatest card, because you deserve everything good that you pass princess !! I am very proud of you

model: Laura Gonzalez Gonzalez

Make Up: Carlota Cogolludo

photographer: Ruth Terleiro ( Nolee photography)
A beautiful kiss

Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 243

Ute Lemper’s voice visit Vigo

fotos 779The eclectic Ute Lemper, the grande dame of European song, compared to the legendary Dietrich early in his artistic identity and coming to work in the latest film by Woody Allen, was on 15 February at the theater Novacaixa Galicia presented their new album “Forever: the love poems of Pablo Neruda”, 20 songs composed by herself based on the poems of the writer, which Ute fan confesses through an interview with ABC.

fotos 800
Singer believes that poetry is more necessary than ever. “The word allows us a space of peace and quiet, and yes, this planet needs. Somehow we have lost. Words allow communication between humans, and communication leads to understanding. ”

ute 2Ute has to chose the love poems of Pablo Neruda because “are compact, apolitical, sensual and dialectical. Perfect for them to music, because music containing its verses. Love his legacy as a politician, diplomat and especially as a poet. In their long struggle against fascism, spent many years in exile in Europe, Argentina and Mexico. Neruda was a great cultural dialogue with the world, and expresses his concerns in his poetry, his efforts, and of course, love. So This is an exciting project dedicated to the life andd love ”

Ute1Through hours from delicate songs, accompanied on stage by musicians Vana Gierig the piano, John Benthal on guitar, Cycril Garac the violin, Victor Villena bandoneon, bass and Steve Milhouse Javier Estrella, percussionist, the imposing stuck records and nuances of her voice leads us to travel the universe of Neruda in that “black island”. Singing in Spanish, French and German also paid tribute to the “chanson” of Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf in La nuit dans l’ile, moving between the tango, blues, jazz, end up in a passage of cabaret. Retail and heartbreaking, his velvety voice and a delicate rhyme, was torn to sing “My Love”.

fotos 771 copiaUte Lemper closed his performance with a long version of Lilli Marleen. The German diva presented only the centerpiece of an atypical Latin triptych that began with Astor Piazzola and close with his next project: a record based on texts by Paulo Coelho.





Couple of María Fente

A few months ago made this marathon session with sheer and elegant designs of Maria Fente. National Parador de Bayona and under the scorching sun accompanied us the rest of the team of the great stylist Bruna Alana Luiz and models Kelly Briones da Silva and Bibi Magallanes.
The Elapsed of the session was hard, I had physical problems and mood of the team was diminishing as the hours passed, but knew overcome all obstacles and here’s the result.

Bibi sports a long tulle skirt white and pink tones with a side opening and top plumeti blouse pleated tulle detail on the sleeve backless and pearls covering his chest.
Kelly wore a short black suede with waves, Organda cotton blouse with front and shawl collar necklace with cameo and decent cutaway of self Marlene Dietrich.

A big hug to all !!


IMG.1IMG.26IMGIMG.2IMGb bayona 204


I am very happy !!! It is not the first time I get to post a photo taken by me in VOGUE but this time it has taken me this was a photo taken during the performance of “Swan Lake” performed by the Russian National Ballet and directed by Sergei Radchenko. This is a little blurb in the Atlántico Diario newspaper where I work.
Thanks boss !!

94f99ded-69b0-4681-8814-13e354fb0708_IMG1477594_10200177208431689_641435981_n (1)