On Friday September 4th, it took place at MARCO, Vigo Museum, the second edition of the Runway Galicia. This initiative starts as a personal motivation and support as a platform for young designers in this country. The starting point of each edition is your gateway presentation; which, this year, on Friday, September 4 was held at the Museum MARCO Vigo.
But Runway Galicia is not only a presentation with the public but also a platform through which young people participating designers, have one year of:
• Free advice to make your mark.
• Information about contests.
• Support for the realization of personal parades.
• Meeting with fashion designers and jewelry, etc …
This project aims to provide professional support and is free to young designers who are just starting.
The spirit of Runway Galicia, popularly, could be defined as “to be his guardian angel.”
The first edition of Runway Galicia was aimed at young fashion designers but due to requests from different sectors this second edition decided to extend its support to young designers of jewelry; thus becoming the first gateway, in Spain, in a space set to offer both modes.
Support and reinforce the creativity of young fashion designers and jewelry, so, through the gateway, they are encouraged to submit their proposals with total freedom “as the feel.”
The purpose of the gateway is to create a support base and release, for the young participants, while relaunch and strengthen the brand “Made in Spain”.
They also want to present the different styles that can have young designers (both in fashion and jewelry).
In addition, each edition of the gateway will RunwayGalicia sponsorship and experience of a national designer ready-to-wear.
This edition took place on Friday September 4, 2015 in the museum MARCO Vigo (Pontevedra), with the institutional support of the City of Vigo.
Text: Vane Fashion http://www.facebook.com/vanefashionvigo
Photo: Ruth Terleiro
The first designer to present his collection was Manuel Pampillón.



IMG_8257IMG_8262cIMG_8277bIMG_8278IMG_8285IMG_8288IMG_8296IMG_8300IMG_8303IMG_8304IMG_8305IMG_8309IMG_8315IMG_8316IMG_8323IMG_8325IMG_8328IMG_8334IMG_8335IMG_8342IMG_8347IMG_8348IMG_8353IMG_8358IMG_8371IMG_8377IMG_8378IMG_8396IMG_8404IMG_8414IMG_8420IMG_8427IMG_8440IMG_8447IMG_8452IMG_8455IMG_8463IMG_8470IMG_8473IMG_8479IMG_8484IMG_8503IMG_8511IMG_8513IMG_8522IMG_8527IMG_8533IMG_8536IMG_8537IMG_8540IMG_8547IMG_8548IMG_8555IMG_8557IMG_8582IMG_8593IMG_8596IMG_8602IMG_8603IMG_8610IMG_8611IMG_8619IMG_8625IMG_8631IMG_8637IMG_8647IMG_8655And after this latest collection, it is the turn of jewelry design, by Isabel Dominguez, Xio Joyas de Autor, Alex Joya, Xoiart, Liquen, Naira Vimcolo and Darkvid.


IMG_8673IMG_8674IMG_8681IMG_8694IMG_8704IMG_8718IMG_8734IMG_8737IMG_8738IMG_8745IMG_8752IMG_8765IMG_8772And as the finale of this great event dedicated to the Galician fashion, the collection of the godfather of this second edition. Roberto Verino.



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