Ute Lemper’s voice visit Vigo

fotos 779The eclectic Ute Lemper, the grande dame of European song, compared to the legendary Dietrich early in his artistic identity and coming to work in the latest film by Woody Allen, was on 15 February at the theater Novacaixa Galicia presented their new album “Forever: the love poems of Pablo Neruda”, 20 songs composed by herself based on the poems of the writer, which Ute fan confesses through an interview with ABC.

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Singer believes that poetry is more necessary than ever. “The word allows us a space of peace and quiet, and yes, this planet needs. Somehow we have lost. Words allow communication between humans, and communication leads to understanding. ”

ute 2Ute has to chose the love poems of Pablo Neruda because “are compact, apolitical, sensual and dialectical. Perfect for them to music, because music containing its verses. Love his legacy as a politician, diplomat and especially as a poet. In their long struggle against fascism, spent many years in exile in Europe, Argentina and Mexico. Neruda was a great cultural dialogue with the world, and expresses his concerns in his poetry, his efforts, and of course, love. So This is an exciting project dedicated to the life andd love ”

Ute1Through hours from delicate songs, accompanied on stage by musicians Vana Gierig the piano, John Benthal on guitar, Cycril Garac the violin, Victor Villena bandoneon, bass and Steve Milhouse Javier Estrella, percussionist, the imposing stuck records and nuances of her voice leads us to travel the universe of Neruda in that “black island”. Singing in Spanish, French and German also paid tribute to the “chanson” of Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf in La nuit dans l’ile, moving between the tango, blues, jazz, end up in a passage of cabaret. Retail and heartbreaking, his velvety voice and a delicate rhyme, was torn to sing “My Love”.

fotos 771 copiaUte Lemper closed his performance with a long version of Lilli Marleen. The German diva presented only the centerpiece of an atypical Latin triptych that began with Astor Piazzola and close with his next project: a record based on texts by Paulo Coelho.







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