About me

Nolee photographyMy interest in photography came as a child, I loved to see the albums of family photographs. With new digital cameras could start creating their own memories, and I began to develop my own photo album. Since then, I have worked to define my own style, honing my skills, and this has allowed me to see places and amazing people, sharing my views and experiences through the camera. I started by shooting and art photography to experiment with community self Destroyer Dolls in 2004, where I began to take photos of other girls, becoming the official photographer of the community. In Dolls Destroyer contact with other models, and after a season in front of the camera, I decided that my position was behind, portraying the beauty and feel of creating fantasy worlds.

From there I became a member of different communities photography as Fotoplatino, Litmind, 500px or PhotoVogue, where my work has been published. Currently I have done work for fashion, orchestras, models, cd covers, websites, and have experience in press. Audio visual Course in Vigo, Pontevedra. personal project for my porfolio.
Trying to link the past and present, each time I like to create stories shot with an underlying sense. Each shot only looks that look, that perfect light beam, the full game. I am very inspired by the influential conceptual elements sought romantic style and a touch of dark, black cinema, the old masters of painting and photography, the romance and beauty intact, the aesthetics of the 20s and forties. All my experiences in life so far has been reflected through my imagination, bringing inspiration and beauty through the models and the environment.
A strong pursuit of perfection leads me to spend all my time working tirelessly to new goals.



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