It has long wanted to make a dark, gothic romance and air session in the cemetery of Pereiró, a large cemetery that is in my city, where the architecture of the mausoleums and statues of angels are everywhere. It is a silent and strange atmosphere heavy and sad place. I think all the times I’ve walked this place, the sky was gray. This time the dark clouds accompanied us throughout the day. After the make up done by Carlota Cogolludo, Laura  Gonzalez and Clara Lopez, they were not intimidated by the environment, and demonstrating their professionalism and poise, they became delicate porcelain dolls.
Laura wore white collared shirt baby, with a bodice under the breast in black color, with a matching pencil skirt that gave an elegant and dark, own air of vintage films. Her makeup is inspired by the Queen of Hearts (Anne Hathaway) of the recent Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland.
Clara wore black corset with sequins and satin, with a mermaid cut skirt burgundy. Her makeup sought to highlight her big blue eyes, Master ‘s Degree Carlota work. After about six hours working inside the cemetery, walking through its streets, between their graves, names and flowers, gave terminate the session when and rang the bells announcing the closing of the cemetery.
Strange feelings that day were mixed, but with much delicacy and passion, here is, “Mortuary” the journey of two different souls who are in the place of eternal rest.
A hug machine, you’re great
Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 22875Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 481Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 620Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 693Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 541b2Sesion Cementerio con Laura y Clara 382b



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