On Friday August 29 took place at the headquarters  BBVA of Vigo, the first ediciónn gateway Galicia Runway 2014.
In this new initiative for designers, attended by representatives of firms in Galicia, models, bloggers, photographers and press could see the new proposals of the eight designers who inaugurated the event.
Galicia Runway 2014 is a new organized and promoted by Isa Müller, model and Vanessa Lamas, blogger, thus creating a new platform support and launch young designers Galician initiative.
The participating designers in this edition were Estefanía Carrera with its unique style and rock
inspiration, fashion specialist Pret a Porter and creating hand painted shirts. Guillermo Padro creator Enzo Di Pietro signature style urban and unisex. Ana Simon “Simoneta”, presented his beautiful creations burgundy silk, champange and gold, adorning the head of his models with beautiful floral wreaths. Manuel Pampillón style British and Pin Factory which was a finalist at the 11th edition of
the New Designers Contest Getxo. Jacobs de la Iglesia modern and daring, which presented a collection that focuses on the contrasts daring to mix the patent leather with fabrics like lace long tradition of Camariñas. Maria Fente a conservative and classic style, with Tania Alonso and Andrea Lage, schoolgirls fashion Vigo presenting their designs in this edition.
The sponsor and manager completing this First Edition Runway Galicia, has been the great Roberto Verino.
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