Jaime Cullum visit Vigo with “Momenttum”

On Friday August 8, artist Jamie Cullum performed in the open air auditorium Castrelos; the most successful jazz singer in the UK, born in Romford, Essex (England), has sold over ten million albums worldwide. His skill at the piano and look at jazz (understood, but for all audiences), are allied to a powerful business promotion by the label Universal Classics and Jazz (said to be the record invested one million pounds in its lustrous enfant Terrible jazzie). After the release of his album “Momentum” the artist embarked on a world tour now brings Vigo concerts always sorpenden. And I’ve had the honor of being accredited to cover this concert this great figure of contemporary jaz. Jaime Cullum came to present their latest album, not forgetting a fifteen year career. His show, punctual, began to beat percussion “The same things” to develop a cocktail of jazz, pop and torch songs, also ballads sugary, which governed by a sense of strong pace, turned Castrelos in a stylish track and ” vintage “without fear of rain. Special mention his ability to improvise, not tied to a setlist and let go, even versioning issues of The Beatles (“Blackbird”). A strong and virtuoso quartet seconded him perfectly .. Their concerts are like a box of surprises; never have a closed list of songs and anytime you can make percussion with piano and singing band or uploaded to it. And so it was. He began playing percussion night to continue singing and finish barefoot on the piano. There was no lack the known numbers as the beer ad spot San Miguel Citizens of a place called world or Save your Soul one of his last trabajos.Vivaz continually asking from the start of the concert accompany him with palms, moving nonstop, getting on the piano, banging drums furiously, Jaime achieved without much effort getting the public of the links the city (which despite the rain were legion) in his pocket. And this genius never disappoints.



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