Excuses of a model

Few things make me angry, and when I left lying in a seison, but when there are more members of the team photograph, and even yells above the model, makes me completely furious. That was exactly what happened to me yesterday, after a week of organizing this session.

The makeup artist and I arrived half an hour before the scheduled time with the model to make arrangements. After an hour and a half waiting for the model, I decide to call. This must infuriate, and started yelling because she says I appear in the place of the meeting, but did not see us. Began to complain loudly on the phone that if he had to make up, do her hair and the light was, and that she was leaving home. We really were ther

e. We think not appeared. After 6 minutes of conversation spiraling ever more screaming, he hung up outraged by the arrogance of the girl. His behavior was very dismissive. The makeup artist missed a day of work in a hairdresser to come to this session. And I took from 9 in the morning and forth from the city with the camera at the back to be on time at the time of the session.
But the worst was the volume of voice, and I can not stand that I shout. I can not believe that someone is so rude to scream so by telephone.

fotos 751b.2b

The fact is that this girl has a bad press. Photographers who have worked with her again not call her diva attitude and desprecativa to the whole team, especially to the makeup artists and stylists. I would not judge the book by its cover, had worked with her and had other criteria. But he has a good day, and seven bad. And not comfortable working with someone like that.
This girl is closing doors alone, does not recognize their mistakes and difficult diva airs of work:
Right now tops my blacklist:
And truly sorry, because looks good in the pictures, and has attitude. What it lacks is professionalism and be more humble.



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