Lady Cat

When taking this photo I was very happy to see gathered in one of my images Noemi Terleiro my sister, and my kitten Pipi. A baby can find Pipi under a dumpster, malnourished and sick. For 15 days he was in quarantine, under intense treatment to cure their diseases and eating tube. We thought he would die. Thank God saved, and could be in the picture for recuerdio. Now is not with me. Was living with my partner for 10 years, and is healthy and happy. Now that I see makes me sad, strange, Pipi is sweet and affection, and her big yellow eyes staring at my camera as always posing. I wish I could go back to photograph it, watch it grow and sleep in front of the stove in winter. But these pictures I always will. I like my pets out in the photos, at work, because they are just here, but the memory is forever



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